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Terms of X International Competition


     The Competition invites students, graduate students, scientists conducting research in the fields of medical science claimed regardless of the position and the presence of an advanced degree.
     One participant can submit to the contest only one job.
     Perhaps the idea to the contest, co-sponsored, but subject to conditionality. Co-authorship of the supervisor is not desirable.
     Works are available in electronic form.

Stages of the competition

The competition is held in two phases

     Consideration of applications of participants. In the first stage Competitive Commission selects the most interesting and relevant work for the second stage of the competition.
     Performance of a scientific report on the sectional (plenary) meeting on the program of the forum. To discuss the performance of the competitors and their reports discuss the tender committee shall decide on the distribution of prizes, the award nominations and incentive awards.

Announcement of the winners of the competition and the presentation of their work will occur during the XVI Slavic-Baltic scientific forum "St. Petersburg - Gastro-2015."

Terms of works

Entries are accepted strictly up to April 1, 2015.

Bidders must be no later than April 1, 2015 with the Secretary of the competition by e-mail package of documents for participation:

- Participation in the competition;
- A short essay of no more than 2 pages, reflecting the main content of the work;
- Abstracts for publication (may coincide with the abstract).

Сonditions of participation

Participation in the contest - FREE

A week before the opening of the forum should send confirmation of participation. If the confirmation is not sent, your report will not be included in the program of the Forum.
In this case, you can get a collection of materials of the contest, forum program, attend all scientific sessions and exhibitions held in the framework of the forum.

The competition will feature the following categories - "Best Presentation" and "Young scientists".
Condition of participation in the nomination papers "Young Scientists" is the age of the authors up to 35 years.

Requirements for entries

Abstracts - a brief description of the reasons for resorting to the chosen theme, goals, objectives and results. Keywords.

Introduction - study the relevance of the selected issues, goals and objectives of the present work.

Material and methods - a brief description of the methods used in the study and the materials used.

The results - a description of the results of their own research, for clarity, you can use the graphical display materials.

Conclusions (conclusion) - description obtained in the course of the study results, the rationale for their possibility of their application in practice.

The total volume of the text, including the main sections of the paper, references, applications in the form of tables and graphs should not exceed 30,000 characters, including spaces.

Font and size:
Verdana 10. Line spacing - 1.5.

The order of consideration of entries

All entries are transferred to the pre-briefing members of the competition committee. To speak at the plenary session of the selected best works on the principle of relevance. Works that have passed the preliminary stage, are included in the conference program for the public defense. Abstracts of all stated contest entries will be published on the website of the company co-organizer of the "AMA" and forum site

     Works that have passed the first stage of the competition, presented in the form of an oral report at a meeting of the forum. The decision to award the winners of the prizes and diplomas accepted by the members of the competition committee in the consultation form after the presentation and discussion of all reports.
     Criteria for evaluation of an oral report: relevance, scientific novelty, clarity and clarity of the report, a clear voice, credibility and emotion, presentation quality, compliance with regulations (10 min).
     Presentation of prizes and diplomas The Chairman of the Tender Committee, representative of "AMA" and the Organizing Committee Forum at the end of the meeting at which presented the contest works.
     Information on the outcome of the contest will be published on the website of the co-organizer of "AMA» and Forum website


1st place - visit the scientific-practical conference dedicated to respiratory diagnosis. Venue in Russia or abroad.

2nd and 3rd places - cash prizes.

The competition will feature the following categories - "Best Presentation" and "Young scientists" *.
Scientists whose work has received the nomination "Best Presentation" and "Young scientists" will be awarded prizes from sponsors and the possibility of publication in scientific journals.

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