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AMA at 11th Annual Conference of Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India

One of forms of rising international activity for AMA became participating in ENDOCON-2010, 22-25 of July 2010, Chennai, India. The Conference and the International Live Workshop on gastrointestinal endoscopy were organized by Dr. T.S. Chandrasekar, the Head of  the clinic chain  "MedIndia Hospitals". This event attracted more than 500 specialists such as endoscopy surgeons, general practicioners, Gastro specialists, nurses assisting in endoscopy procedure from almost all parts of India mainly from South states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and also  from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Pundjab, Assam and other. There were specialists from African and Asian countries. All of them visited lectures and trainings to improve the quality of their skills in endoscopy and  to accept new information about endoscopy tools and methods.

The programme of the Conference and the Workshop was very reach and intense.  From early morning to sunset they could visit videoconferences which were  broadcasted from surgery  with complicated operations in real time, could ask thier questions to surgeons, could train with simulators of highest class  or with animals. In time of breaks they visited interesting exhibition of medical equipment, tools and medicine including AMA`s exposition.

For Indian users of endoscopic Rapid Urease Test  it was remarkably interesting to meet AMA RUT and recognize  sum of its substantial advantages in compare to competitor`s tests - liquid and gel Rapid Urease Tests. High evaluation was given by various specialists to HELIC Ammonia Breath Test because  it is plain, easy to use, portable and extremely inexpensive test-system for detecting Helicobacter pylori  by breath air. About 200 users took free samples of AMA RUT for further trials  and several surgeons bought necessary amount of tests for  their usual practice.

In addition to excellent scientific and study programme organisers provided guests of forum with bright cultural events and authentic oriental hospitality!


АМА at  DEW-2010

Cultural event at  ENDOCON-2010

Conference ENDOCON-2010 in Chennai

Conference DEW-2010, Chennai

Dr. T S Chandrasekar at DEW-2010

AMA at DEW-2010,Chennai, India

Live workshop at DEW-2010

Dr. T S Chandrasekar conducting Live Workshop at DEW-2010

HELIC Ammonia Breath Test at DEW-2010, Chennai, India

Test-system Helic ABT at DEW-2010, Chennai, India

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