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AMA company profile
Association of Medicine and Analytics (AMA) Co.Ltd is a leading Russian company focused on developing and producing new diagnostic procedures and equipment. AMA Co. Ltd since the beginning was actively involved in a field of gastroenterology, namely in diagnostics for Helicobacter pylori, the main factor of stomach diseases.

Why the Helicobacter?

The high importance of the such diagnostic direction is connected with the high level of infection in Russia and with conventional role of H.pylori in harmful effect on the GI tract.

The Goals and the Results

AMA Co.Ltd was established in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1997 by a group of people with experience in the medical and chemical fields. High prevalence of gastritis, ulcer and gastric cancer associated with H.pylori in the world and the urgent need in cheap, quick, easy-to-use and precise diagnostic tools was the reason AMA`s specialists had developed new products: Helicobacter pylori AMA® Rapid Urease Test (AMA RUT) and HELIC Ammonia Breath Test (HELIC ABT)
AMA`s market share

In the present time AMA is the rising company with already 50 employees and more than 800 customers amongst healthcare institutions in Russia and abroad. AMA`s customers are gastroenterologists, pediatricians, therapists, general practitioners, endoscopy surgeons. AMA covers about 30% of the target gastroenterological market in Russia and in the Former Soviet Republics (Ukraine, Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan, Armenia, Lithuania). The products are sold in 400 cities in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
On the 26th of July 2010 AMA`s test-systems for invasive and non-invasive diagnostics for H.pylory infection had been registered in several European countries through the authorised European representative Emergo Europe.
Helicobacter pylori AMA RAPID UREASE TEST 21 label
The list of countries and the registrated international names of AMA products are contained in the annex to the CE Registrtation Certificate. Also, in July,2010 most of departments of AMA had successfully held the certification of the Quality Management System and had been considered as compatible to the international standard ISO 13485:2003. The certificate is published in the "support" section of this site.
The International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in accordance to the Madrid Agreement and Protocol has allowed the AMA Company application for International Registration the Trade Mark AMA. In present time the rights on this mark are protected in Russia. Besides, the trade mark AMA is registered in Ukraine, Belorussia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan by designations under the Madrid Protocol. There is the plan to extend AMA trade mark registration in other republics of former Soviet Union and in countries of European Union and also in several countries of Asia.

AMA`s research work

AMA is actively involved in the area of developing new methods of diagnostics for H.pylori and other infections/diseases in human body as on company`s own initiative as on the ground of State orders and State contracts. R&D department of the company is working at the elaboration of new methods of breath diagnostics.
To make this method more popular and implement to broad medical practice in 2009 AMA set up the Breath Diagnostic Centers chain starting in Saint-Petersburg. AMA`s representatives usually take part in special educational and scientific programmes, meetings, conferences, devoted to prophylaxis and treatment of stomach diseases. AMA was presented at European Helicobacter Study Group in Istanbul, Turkey, September 20-22 2007,
see posters (.pdf file 735KB and .pdf file 721KB). In 2009 AMA organized scientific research competition Infection Helicobacter pylori in Russia; the best researches were selected and awarded in May 2010. The scientific material, that won the main prize on «Helicobacter pylori infection in Russia» scientific competition under the patronage of AMA Co.Ltd, was presented at The XXIIIrd International Workshop on Helicobacter and related bacteria in chronic digestive inflammation and gastric cancer, organized by the European Helicobacter Study Group, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 16-18, 2010 . World scientists including the Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall appreciated very much the work of Russian researchers.
As a leading innovative company AMA took part in Russian National Exposition in Paris 2010, the core event of  the cross-annum of Russia in France and France in Russia. The company was invited for participating in joint stand of Russian Innovators at Paris Salon by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, because AMA products have not abroad analogs or are surerior than existent analogs in its key characteristics. The brightness of inventions and practical value of AMA methods were awarded with the prestigious gold medal In final of the European Invention Salon Concours Lépine, 3th-13th of September, Strasbourg, France.
AMA`s certificate and the golden medal from Concours Lépine

AMA’s Chief Executive Officer Dmitrienko Marina was recognized as “The Best Top Manager of the Year 2010” in Russia.

Customers support

Customers are of dominant priority for AMA. We offer an individual approach to each customer in reliance to their needs and wishes. Any questions regarding test procedure, result reading, quality, etc can be replied in the most convenient for the customer way – by phone, e-mail, fax, telephone.

Being open to new directions of activity and acheiving best results is our highest priority. Contact us


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